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Steel Roofing for Lafayette & Lake Charles, Louisiana

Premium Products, Premium Service, Premium Satisfaction…Perfect Price

Hollier’s Specialty Roofing is a Lafayette metal roofing company that provides steel roofing in Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all Louisiana with honesty and integrity. We live and work here in Louisiana, and have for our lifetime. Our standard of work is second-to-none, and we want to prove that we’re the best metal roofer in Lafayette and Lake Charles. We offer our incredible steel roofing at affordable prices, and for most roof types. If you want to repair or completely replace your room, we can get you started. As a metal roofing company, our standards are different than other roofing companies that use shingles as their roofing materials.  We provide a better service, because steel roofs are better, stronger, and look nicer. Here’s what we promise to deliver:

  • Premium Products, as we are the exclusive dealer in Louisiana for Kassel & Irons Steel Roofing. In case you don’t know, Kassel & Irons is one of the leading manufacturers of steel roofing shingles in the US.
  • Premium Service that includes a prompt response, educational home visit, and our full attention after the sale. We can help you get a metal roofing cost quote in no time, along with the fairest price possible.
  • Premium Satisfaction with unmatched product and workmanship guarantees, great attention to detail from our extraordinary, local staff teams and everything in writing. We can match the metal roof color that you want, as well as the style.
  • Perfect Affordable Price for a roof that actually saves you money by extending air conditioner life, increasing energy efficiency, protecting your home and all that it contains while providing a permanent roofing solution.

This can be the last roof you ever buy. We have multiple styles, multiple colors, multiple prices, and the best service around. We want to be your Lafayette roofing company, so give us a shot. We want to service your roof in Lafayette and Lake Charles, so call today.